Staying in the zone

It is kind of a difficult problem to understand, but sometimes when people are working, and they can’t figure out what to do next, they can stall out. The stalling may last minutes, it may last hours. One example of the problem is in the context of a sales team. When confronted with the decision […]

Getting from here to there

What milestones do leads hit between brand new and closed? Having them mapped out is an important aspect of reproducing your success. A lead passes through several dispositions after it enters your funnel. What are they? Probably a lead goes from “New” to “Contacted”; from “Contacted” to “Qualified”; etc… How are you ensuring that leads […]

What's the Problem?

Last week there was an interesting post on the SLMA blog. The SLMA asked all of their new members what were the biggest problems they were facing. There were five answers that generated the most responses. The problems break down 55%/32%/13% into three main categories: Generating Leads, Working Leads, and Calculating ROI. Click here for […]