The New Customer and the Existing Customer

Lead Management Software has some common elements with Customer Relationship Management software. So companies that are looking at SaaS solutions for the first time sometimes ask, “Which one do I need? Which one will work for me?” It is a question that should be answered by looking at what each solution does best, making an […]

Sales reps and the 80/20 rule

In case you’re not familiar with it, the 80/20 rule states that 80% of the work on your sales team is done by 20% of your sales reps. This rule is not hard and fast, and the quantities may shift a bit over the months. But the point of the 80/20 rule isn’t to be […]

How much can one button do?

What’s the point of having sophisticated technology if it’s too difficult for your people to use? The age of the iPhone is upon us and people are used to the iPhone experience. It is an experience where you point at what you like to select it. You make it bigger by moving your fingers apart. […]

Lost a sale? Gather intelligence.

When a sale is lost, unequivocally, irrevocably, lost; it’s time to move on. It’s not a happy occasion, so most sales reps are all too willing to put it behind them. And sales managers are keen to have their reps move on, too. What’s the point of beating a dead horse? But there may be […]

The inbox is alive

If you’re doing email marketing to your prospects, congratulations. Just when email skeptics were starting to say that email is dead, the inbox has become a place of renewed possibilities. Not that the doomsayers were coming out of nowhere, it’s easy to see why the skeptics thought they saw the importance of email waning. With […]

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