16 criticisms of the sales pitch

sales pitch
Leverage these 16 constructive sales pitch suggestions to close more deals.

The sales game has changed over the years and sales professionals have received a lot of great advice on how to deliver an effective sales pitch. Rather than engage in another theoretical discussion about what works and what doesn’t, we went directly to the source, asking sales professionals “what’s the most constructive suggestion you’ve ever received about your sales pitch?”

16 constructive ideas to tune your sales pitch

1. Establish rapport, don’t get too far into the details in the initial call

2. Don’t forget you are selling yourself as much as you are selling your company and your product

3. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to be a fit for your product or service

4. Before going into your pitch seek to listen and understand what problems your prospect is trying to solve for

5. You have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak

6. Focus more on the benefits and how they can help the prospect achieve their goals, rather than simply describing  features

7. When delivering your pitch, even if not feeling enthusiastic, fake it until you make it

8. Avoid negativity, if the weather is bad or you are having computer problems, keep it to yourself. Any negativity puts the buyer in the same state of mind and decreases the chance of getting the sale

9. People love to hear their name, so use it often

10. Avoid yes/no questions, instead give your prospect the ability to elaborate

11. Under the right circumstances, humor can help build rapport and enhance relationships with a prospect

12. Understand that it’s as much about building trust with your prospect as it is about persuasion

13. Ask questions to maintain control of the conversation

14. Objections are opportunities to further educate your prospects on your products or services

15. Ask for the sale, many deals that aren’t closed are because the sale wasn’t asked for

16. Never let the prospect sleep on it

What other sales pitch tip would you add to this list?


JoshEvans_2015formalAbout the author: Josh Evans joined Velocify in 2007, and is senior vice president of sales. Josh is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years building and growing sales, customer support and customer engagement organizations in the technology industry. Josh oversees Velocify’s sales organization, both the field and inside sales teams.


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