12 Gifts to ELEVATE your Sales Game in 2016

12 days icon - curved edgesAre you ready to ELEVATE your sales in 2016? The game is changing rapidly, as many of our speakers at last week’s ELEVATE event highlighted. From sales strategies to team structure, if you don’t continue to innovate, you will be left behind. As we gear up for 2016, we wanted to wrap up some of the best from ELEVATE as our gift to you this holiday season.

During the next three weeks, we will pull out some of the top insights, tips, and sales strategies from the 40+ speakers, 30+ sessions, and 10+ hours of content. Since we have more than 40 speakers, we will have to keep some of our speakers sessions more mysterious than others, and hope all our speakers know we think they are AMAZING. So here goes:

Day 1 of 12  – Social Selling: The Jury is OutKraig Kleeman

Have you ever been asked about social selling from a critic — someone who isn’t necessarily sure if social selling derives real benefits? Kraig Kleeman’s realistic point of view on social selling may help you find some common ground. Kraig looks at what social selling is and what it isn’t. He outlines some benefits, but also challenges us to think critically about social selling and consider carefully how to adopt it within our sales organizations.

Kraig is honest about the benefits of social selling, and there are many. He notes that social selling can:

  • Turbo charge pre-call research
  • Help sellers build influence within their networks
  • Give sellers access to 400 million user profiles, via social networks like LinkedIn
  • Engage with prospects by curating and distributing content
  • Assist in sustainable selling with the ability to quickly discern job alerts, new initiatives, etc.

Kraig also highlights several areas for caution when it comes to social selling. We’ll give you four of the seven, but encourage you to login to ELEVATE for the remaining three:

  1. Social selling is not a sales process. At best, it turbo charges some elements of sales process, mostly in the area of early funnel, pre-stage research.
  2. Posting original content is valuable. It is an opportunity to show your creativity. But simply repurposing, regurgitating content to engage is not effective. STOP reposting content you haven’t even read. Rather, select articles that matter to you and your audience, and make informative comments.
  3. What is the cost of binge social selling, targeting c-levels with ineffective tools, reading and filtering through spam emails from InMail that arrive in our inboxes daily? Is social selling doing more harm than good if used recklessly?
  4. Is social selling an investment in a program that is going to assist with sales process, or are you authorizing the corporation to fund personal brand building of your individual employees? Kraig challenges sales teams to put some areas of social selling into professional development vs. sales process enablement.

While there is a lot of good in social selling, there is also a lot of misuse and overhype on what social selling can really do for sales. We want to thank Kraig for taking a contrarian view on this hot topic and challenging us all to proceed with more caution.

To hear Kraig’s full session login to ELEVATE to watch on demand. You can also check out many more of our amazing speakers while you are there.


Alyssa headshot Alyssa Trenkamp is the director of marketing communications at Velocify and a 15 year veteran in the enterprise technology sector. Prior to Velocify, Alyssa spent nearly a decade as a marketing and public relations consultant for Microsoft. Alyssa holds a BA in Journalism from Western Washington University.



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