10 plays to accelerate insurance sales growth

Insurance Playbook
New Velocify Insurance ebook highlights winning plays from top insurance performers!

It’s a whole new ballgame in today’s insurance market when compared to only a few years ago. The business is accelerating and buyer expectations are changing. With football season in full effect, we were inspired to call upon some of the best minds in the industry for coaching advice. The result? A winning playbook with ten strategies that will inspire you and your team to top performance titled, “10 plays to accelerate insurance sales growth.”

Here are some of the highlights:

Brandt Minnich, CPCU, Vice President of Marketing
“Knowledgeable agencies and producers understand the need for a disciplined and consistent sales approach and exceptional execution to succeed in today’s environment. Lead your agency by requiring that the right processes are learned in basic sales training and ensure they are consistently being followed.”

Michael D’Arelli, Executive Director
“Know your products inside out and sideways and never stop developing professionally. Make every effort to build relationships and become a trusted advisor instead of simply being a vendor filling orders for commoditized, price driven insurance.”

Tommy McDonald, Vice President
“Agency leaders with mediocre sales performance who lack the ability to win profitable business typically have not built quality depth within their organization that institutionalizes the sales process. Defining the firm’s differentiators, developing a process around these competitive advantages, and then building a team-based sales approach that can clearly articulate, sell and reinforce the value proposition is needed to overcome this challenge.”

Ryan McClintock, CEO
“One way to succeed is to hire hunters, not gatherers. A hunter is not afraid of rejection or picking up the phone and yearns for no’s and opportunities. Gatherers don’t typically have the “fight” within them to put in the work and tenacity required to work online leads. Hunters on the other hand have the innate intangibles that will make an outbound call center successful.”

To learn how your sales team can get in shape and beat the competition, download the “10 plays to accelerate insurance sales growth” and uncover winning plays from insurance industry experts.


stuart ganisAbout the author: Stuart Ganis is the director of the insurance vertical at Velocify and a 24 year veteran of the insurance industry. Ganis started his career as a producer in 1989 and co-founded an independent agency in 2000. The agency grew to more than 30 employees and $15M in premium in less than three years and was acquired in December of 2005. In 2006, Ganis launched a consulting practice, helping independent insurance agents in the areas of sales, marketing, technology and operations. Follow Ganis on Twitter @StuartGanis.



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