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Lead Quality Insights to Improve Conversion and Enrollment

Savvy sales and marketing professionals know that all prospects are not created equal. Lead quality varies widely based on a large number of factors. That is why lead scoring is quickly becoming an important aspect of the lead management process.

This study looks at historical data across millions of leads in education, insurance, and mortgage to draw enlightening insights about key attributes that impact lead quality. For each industry, we identify common data fields, actions, and statuses that impact a prospect’s likelihood to convert.

  • Are you interested in knowing how lead scoring can rank incoming prospects?
  • Want to know which prospect characteristics convert best for your industry?
  • Interested in learning how to prioritize your prospects based on conversion probabilities?

Each of the results included in this research, on its own, can suggest a number of actionable changes to the types of leads that should be pursued, the type of data that should be collected, and the best ways to manage different leads in order to maximize conversion rates.

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