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The Velocify 2012 Lead Industry Report

Velocify’s LIR, or Lead Industry Report, is an in-depth analysis of the top lead generation trends for 2011 and 2012. Velocify manages immense amounts of performance data from the lead industry and provides vast insight into the customer acquisition process with a very broad scope. Join us as we review last year’s results and make predictions for 2012.

  • Curious about which lead providers have the highest conversion rates?
  • Need to know the future of the mortgage, insurance, and education industries?
  • Will lead quality, prices, and availability change in 2012?

“In assembling this report, Velocify combined historic data from 2011 and provided predictions for what will happen in 2012 and beyond.”

In this thorough report, Velocify processed data sourced from over 20 million leads and inquiries to produce the most in-depth and granular view of the customer acquisition industry. Understanding the data in this study will allow organizations to form appropriate strategies and move forward effectively.

Learn about:

  • Velocify Lead Industry Awards -Find out which lead providers excelled in the mortgage, insurance, and education industries
  • 2011 Year-End Review -2011 was an exciting year for lead generation. See how market forces, regulations and the economy have affected these key industries
  • Expectations -Learn what lead buyers and sellers are saying about what is happening with their businesses

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