Match the Lead to the Right Rep

Intelligently distribute leads and opportunities to drive performance.

CUSTOMIZE distribution engine to meet your unique business needs
DEPLOY and layer multiple programs, including product, territory, performance, schedule, skill-based, plus others
REDISTRIBUTE leads that are being neglected
PRECISELY CONTROL the volume of leads assigned to each rep

Drive Consistent Selling Practices with Sales Flow

Velocify sales flow allows you to deploy and configure the optimal engagement strategy for every lead type and source, putting your sales process on autopilot.

PRE-DEFINED actions and statuses ensure the optimal process is
followed for every lead
PRIORITIZATION rules keep reps focused on the right activity
CONSTRUCT prioritized sales activity settings
TRIGGER-BASED emails and SMS help reps uncover new business
TRACKING allows sales managers to continuously optimize their
engagement process


Prioritize Daily Sales Activities

Tighyly manage your sales reps activities by what is most important at any given moment.

FOCUS on the most important sales activity with a single, centralized list of high-priority sales activities
REDUCE speed-to-prep leveraging one page display with all information required for a successful sales call
MINIMIZE wasted time by taking the guesswork out of who to call next and greatly simplifying data entry

Tightly Integrate Dialing

Ensure higher contact and response rates with a tightly integrated dialer that works with any phone system.

CLICK-TO-DIAL lets reps place calls with a single click, and gives managers more visibility into calls made by reps
NEXT CALL allows reps to power through call lists quickly and efficiently
VOICE MAILS drop targeted pre-recorded voice messages, allowing reps to move to the next call
LOCAL PRESENCE boosts contact rates by displaying a local number to every prospect

Gain Deeper Funnel Insights

Gain deeper insights into the pre-opportunity sales funnel including daily sales activity and campaign performance. Zoom in and pinpoint performance issues and potential bottlenecks for immediate attention.

Easily Configure Sales Flows

Take back control with a central command center designed for sales operations. Easily make real-time changes to distribution programs, sales flow, and prioritization rules. No need for deep Salesforce knowledge or outsourced development resources.


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