Lead Management Integrates with CRM

Lead management software must integrate with CRM, providing better lead functionality, for high-velocity sales teams. The big question is how can lead management and CRM integrate to maximize revenue? Before answering we have to understand the difference between CRM and lead management. Add our sales automation solution to your CRM because you’ll gain singular focus on intelligent selling, better understanding the lead and supporting the process of qualifying higher quality opportunities. Because often times the sales process is a long term engagement we offer industry specific workflows (insurance lead management, mortgage lead management, and education enrollment lead management) for automatically alerting salespeople of follow up with older leads and moves them to a high priority at the lead follow up due date. Velocify fully integrated with CRM systems ensuring that no quality lead falls through the cracks. CRM was originally designed for field sales teams, with the core features of contact management, opportunity management, account management, and territory management. You must know how to interact the best with leads at the right time. Timing is key for sales and we support automated best practice timing of lead follow up and what to say while engaging with prospects. The prescriptive nature of the product makes salespeople more productive faster. The high velocity, high lead volume nature of many sales teams today, means there’s a significant need for more than what traditional CRM can offer. Velocify compliments a CRM solution by delivering best practice, intelligent workflow and automating key sales processes to accelerate sales performance.

CRM Solutions Need Lead Management

Velocify classifies LeadManager and Dial-IQ as “intelligent sales automation” and integrates with a CRM, mainly for the purposes of customer acquisition. Intelligence comes from the performance insights, algorithms, and unique features built-in to the system that drive a “smart,” optimized, and systematic approach to selling. Velocify focuses on the selling aspect of expanding the typical CRM tool, providing much deeper selling functionality than what a CRM can offer. Our solution, an intelligent sales automation, works with your CRM because of our singular focus on intelligent selling and qualifying leads into closed deals. Timing is key for leads using a CRM and you must have a software that supports automated best practice timing of follow up and what to say while engaging with prospects. The prescriptive nature of the product makes salespeople more productive faster. The high velocity, high lead volume nature of many sales teams today, means there’s a significant need for more than what traditional CRM can offer.

More than Lead Management Software

Lead management is a piece of what Velocify offers in our products. Velocify goes beyond lead management to intelligent sales automation is software that leverages performance insights and enables an optimized approach. Our lead management software works by capturing leads, checking for duplicates, scoring leads based on configurable attributes, distributing leads, prioritizing daily lead activity, and systematically following up with highest value opportunities. The goal of lead management is to ultimately maximizing conversion from a lead to a closed deal.


Velocify LeadManager

A New Breed of Sales Automation

Velocify LeadManager™ is a sales automation solution designed for the unique needs of today’s high-velocity sales environments. Sales teams respond to leads faster than ever and better manage sales cycles.  Boost the number of activities your team is able to complete each day and take the guesswork out of selling. With Velocify LeadManager, you can rest assured that salespeople are focused on the best opportunities to close more deals while ensuring no lead is left behind.

  • Lead Capture and De-DuplicationSeamlessly capture and automatically de-dupe inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and lead providers.
  • Flexible Lead DistributionTake advantage of an unparalleled ensemble of push, pull, and hybrid lead distribution options that drive fast response, max conversion, and optimal team performance.
  • Guided Selling DisciplineEstablish an optimal selling process for your team that ensures their daily sales interactions are controlled, seamlessly monitored and measured to drive more closed deals into the pipeline.
  • Continuous Activity PrioritizationEnsure your sales team is always following up on the highest priority leads first, while staying on top of important opportunities throughout the day. By eliminating guesswork and driving a consistent process, you can make your team more strategic and more productive at the same time. VIEW VIDEO >>
  • Automated Lead NurturingSave time and improve conversion rates by automatically sending prescribed email and text messages at appropriate stages within the sales cycle — tied to changes in statuses, actions, or other inputs.
  • Real-Time Dashboard and ReportingGain valuable, actionable insights into sales team performance with comprehensive reporting and metrics monitoring. Take advantage of real-time sales funnel intelligence, at a level of granularity not generally found in CRM.

Velocify LeadManager

Empowers you to quickly deploy world-class selling and lead management strategies across your sales team.

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