Lead Management

Capture and Deduplicate Leads

Seamlessly capture and automatically de-dupe and distribute inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and 100+ lead providers.

Intelligently Distribute Leads

Take advantage of an unparalleled ensemble of push, pull, and hybrid lead distribution options that drive fast response, max conversion, and optimal performance.

PUSH DISTRIBUTION assigns leads to a specific set of reps based on detailed criteria

PULL DISTRIBUTION allows you to leverage a pool of leads reps can pull and work when lead flow diminishes

HYBRID DISTRIBUTION creates competition to call hot, time-sensitive leads quickly by pushing leads to multiple reps, the first to pull it wins the lead

Guide Your Selling Process


Sales Lead Management

Lead Management System

Establish an optimal selling process for your team that ensures their daily sales interactions are controlled, seamlessly monitored, and measured to drive more deals into the pipeline.

DEPLOY a best practice contact strategy

CREATE pre-defined sales cycle actions

CONSTRUCT prioritized sales activity settings

TRIGGER automated email and text messages


lead management

Continuously Prioritize Activities

Ensure the highest value sales activities are always worked first, removing the guesswork for sales.

PRIORITY VIEW with lead tracking ensures reps stay focused on the most important sales activity with a single, centralized list of high-priority sales activities

TAKE ACTION allows reps to easily select the outcome of an interaction, i.e. called left message, this updates the status and triggers additional workflow


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Lead Management – Automate Routine Communications

Free up your sales team to focus on selling by automating routine communication.

TRIGGER automatically sends email and text messages at the ideal times in the sales journey

TRACKING analyzes every email open or bounce to determine how engaged your prospects are

TEMPLATES offer best practice sales cycle messaging to leverage as a starting point that can be customized to your unique needs

sales lead management

Gain Actionable Sales Insights

Quickly isolate opportunities for process improvements that can be deployed across the team.

REPORTS analyze every historical performance on marketing and sales activities

DASHBOARDS pinpoint areas for immediate attention within your sales team

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Motivate, Engage and Reward

Rewardification™ feature set takes motivation to a new level with tools that impact daily engagement and long term performance.

LEADERBOARDS keep your team engaged and competitive each and every day with up to the minute sales activity rankings
PERFORMANCED BASED DISTRIBUTION drives long-term success by rewarding diligent reps with leads based on prior performance.

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