CRM and Lead Management

CRM and lead management have unique features that help sales reps increase conversion rates, close more deals, and drive more revenue. Velocify focuses on the selling aspect of a CRM with a lead management solution. We classify our solution as “intelligent sales automation”, that’s integrated with a CRM, and works with our lead management software. Today sales reps handle more leads than ever. High volume of incoming leads flow from marketing campaigns, website inquiries, email, and purchased leads from lead providers. Your inside side sales team will benefit from a lead management software solution and help drive more customers into your CRM.

CRM and Lead Management Features

Do you use a CRM, lead management and dialer? Are you looking for an dialer to help manage leads before they turn into customers within your CRM? We offer a robust solution that helps you contact more prospect leads and close deals. Our dialer intelligence comes from the performance insights, algorithms, and unique features built-in to the system that drive a “smart,” optimized, and systematic approach to selling. A CRM, lead management, and sales dialer will allow sales teams to rapidly respond to leads and any inquiries captured from web forms, email campaigns, and inbound calls. Velocify is committed to helping customer companies drive improved sales performance. Velocify Dial-IQ is a powerful dialer that includes Phone-Based Lead Routing, Outbound Cloud Dialing, Inbound Call Handling, Call Reporting.

Increase Lead to Sale Close Rates

High lead volume nature of many sales teams today, means there’s a significant need for more than what traditional CRM can offer. Velocify lead management system compliments a CRM solution by delivering best practice, intelligent workflow and automating key sales processes to accelerate sales performance. Velocify can help increase close rates, adding new customers to your CRM. Timing is key, and having automated best practice timing of follow up and what to say while engaging with prospects is equally important. The prescriptive nature of the product makes salespeople more productive faster insuring higher lead to close rates. More salespeople are productive and higher revenue is attained.


Velocify Features

Give Your Sales Team a Competitive Advantage

Take advantage of powerful features that exist within Velocify LeadManager™ and Velocify Dial-IQ™ products. Features designed to optimize high-velocity sales environments for dramatic improvements in sales performance.

Capture and De-Duplicate Leads


Capture and De-Duplicate Leads

Seamlessly capture and automatically de-dupe inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and lead providers.

  • Capture leads from web forms
  • Integrate with marketing automation systems to capture inquiries from marketing campaigns
  • Connect to more than 1,400 lead providers through Velocify real-time integrations
  • Reconcile duplicate lead records quickly and accurately

Intelligently Distribute Leads


Intelligently Distribute Leads

Take advantage of an unparalleled ensemble of push, pull, and hybrid lead distribution options that drive fast response, max conversion, and optimal team performance.

Velocify’s powerful distribution engine and highly configurable administration platform allows you to run multiple distribution programs simultaneously and distribute in ways most systems can’t. In addition to common distribution methods, Velocify empowers you to distribute based on rep quotas, capacity, availability, skills, real-time performance, initiative, and more. Hundreds of distribution methods available, including:

  • Round-Robin
  • Performance-Based
  • Skill-Based
  • Shark Tank
  • Blind Pull
  • Cherry-Pick
  • Redistribution

By leveraging a combination of diverse lead distribution programs, Velocify can help you execute a contact and sales strategy like no other sales CRM solution.



Guide Selling Processes

Establish an optimal selling process for your team that ensures their daily sales interactions are controlled, seamlessly monitored and measured to drive more deals into the pipeline.

  • Deploy a best practice contact strategy
  • Create pre-defined actions aligned with sales cycle process stages
  • Construct prioritized sales activity settings
  • Trigger automated email and text messaging through the sales cycle

Prioritize Sales Activities


Prioritize Sales Activities for Your Team

Fact is, we’re more effective when we prioritize our work and our day, so why not apply that concept across your entire sales team? With Velocify’s activity prioritization, you can ensure your sales team is always following up on the highest priority leads first, while staying on top of important opportunities throughout the day. By eliminating guesswork and driving a consistent process, you can make your team more strategic and more productive at the same time. VIEW VIDEO >>

  • Continuously prioritize sales rep activities
  • Drive outbound calling priority throughout the day
  • Integrate calendaring, scheduled appointments, and follow-up alerts

Drive Rapid Lead Response


Make Your Presence Local

Achieve local presence in order for sales teams to rapidly and intelligently call prioritized prospects from their local area codes to achieve greater response to sales calls and improve contact rates. Sales has the option to choose among four different numbers – local, agent, company, or standard Dial-IQ number – that will be displayed to each lead. When the call is returned by the prospect, the system intelligently routes to the appropriate lead owner.

Simply, sales teams get in touch with more higher value prospects. Local presence capabilities include:

  • Local calling presence in all major U.S. markets
  • Flexible, configurable caller ID options
  • Prioritized dialing from local numbers
  • Route-to-owner intelligence for inbound calls
  • Automated area code overlay management
  • Local response analytics

Outbound Dialings


Simplify and Scale Outbound Dialing

Take sales performance to the next level with ease — no expensive telephony solution required.

Velocify Dial-IQ empowers reps with an intelligent cloud dialer integrated into Velocify LeadManager. Reps can even concurrently leave prospects a personalized, pre-recorded voice message while dialing out to the next lead. Ensuring callback appointments are made on time and never forgotten, the outbound dialer can serve up scheduled outbound calls in accordance with calendared activities. To minimize TCPA-related concerns for automated dialing to a cell phone, we now offer cell phone detection which will prevent Dial-IQ from automatically calling mobile devices from untrusted sources.

Dial-IQ offers many powerful outbound dialing features, including:

  • Click-to-dial
  • Smart lead preview
  • Shotgun Connect™
  • Four-option caller ID
  • Next lead, get lead
  • Pre-recorded voicemail
  • Optional cell phone detection
  • Optional Softphone

Swiftly Handle Inbound Calls


Swiftly Handle Inbound Calls

Ensure salespeople are quickly responding to incoming inquiries with powerful inbound call handling features. Toll-free and local numbers can be provisioned and assigned to sales teams for greater marketing campaign effectiveness. Route inbound leads to the assigned owners and deliver an instant screen pop of the associated lead record, ensuring more productive sales conversations. In addition, the system includes many other powerful inbound call handling features:

  • Intelligent call handling
  • Lead look-up
  • Flexible call transfers and conferencing
  • Automated messaging
  • After-hour lead follow up

Multi-Option Transfers


Transfer More Engaged Prospects Between Agents

Provides flexibility for sales teams in how they transfer calls – cold, warm, and no-hold transfers – designing a better experience for prospective buyers. Newly available, no-hold transfer feature, allows agents to pass the lead to another sales rep while maintaining an active conversation with the buyer, all without hold music or ring-throughs. Instead, the system automatically looks for another available agent and connects a three-way call. The original agent can disconnect once the two parties are joined, minimizing dropped calls and improving engagement levels early in the sales cycle.

Flexible transfer options include:

  • Cold Transfers
  • Warm Transfers
  • No-Hold Transfers

Automate Prospect Engagement


Automate Prospect Engagement

Research shows that contacting prospects with messaging in-between phone calls can improve conversion significantly. With Velocify, you can take advantage of a set of powerful, automated guided selling capabilities including sales cycle messaging through configurable email and text templates to promote consistent, best-practice messaging by automating the distribution of messages based on the actions your reps take or changes in lead statuses that occur.

  • Automated sales cycle messaging
  • Distribute automated messages according to desired contact strategy
  • Eliminate bulk of regular messaging tasks that traditionally fall on sales reps
  • Ensure your team is staying in front of active prospects through messaging

Funnel Insights


Gain Funnel Insights, Beyond Your Pipeline

What gets measured, gets managed, and with Velocify’s performance insights, you’ll be able to isolate opportunities for coaching and determine broad process improvements that can be quickly deployed across the team. With a real-time performance dashboard and included performance reports, you’ll have ready access to sales intelligence at a level of granularity not generally found in CRM.

The performance dashboard provides up-to-the-minute visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) by individual, team and campaign. Integrated reporting capabilities provide a view of key activity volumes and conversion rates, as well as other key indicators.