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Adding a sales dialer software to your CRM or can provide incredible results. Much of Velocify’s previous research has shown that speed-to-call can have considerable impact on conversion rates. Our Ultimate Contact Strategy study shows that a lead’s likelihood of conversion increases significantly the faster a lead is responded to. An effective sales dialer can greatly improve speed-to-call and therefore contact rate, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates. An advanced sales dialer can make in the percentage of leads called in five minutes or less. In fact, Velocify clients that added Velocify CRM dialer to Velocify LeadManager solution, saw an average increase of 62% in the percentage of leads called in less than five minutes. Using a progressive dialer or dialer software will help produce results. As would be expected, placing more calls in less than five minutes results in 92% more leads being contacted in that time. Getting leads on the phone sooner also shortens the sales cycle, allowing you to spend more time using our dialer tool on new leads rather than on trying to get a hold of aged leads.

Use a CRM? Try our Dialer Software

CIn Fall 2013, our phone dialer software for CRM underwent a new facelift providing an optimal user experience that takes sales productivity to a new level. An award-winning user interface on the dialer display provides 3 states that range from minimized (when not in use), to the normal view, to a new maximized view. Other key features include local caller ID, on screen notifications, scheduled dialing, and multiple recorded voice messages. Advanced distribution and transfer capabilities make the new dialer software for CRM ideal for high velocity selling teams like inside sales and call centers rapidly responding to new leads. Fully integrated calendaring allows sales teams to seamlessly schedule appointments with clients tied to pre-defined sales actions to ensure better sales cycle management and greater engagement throughout the lead qualification process. Velocify sales dialer for your CRM can help drive more revenue for your company.


Velocify Dial-IQ

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& Selling Speed

Velocify Dial-IQ™ brings incredible speed, efficiency, and accountability to your sales team, dramatically improving time-to-contact, call volume, and productivity.

    • Phone-Based Lead RoutingSay good-bye to that old-school hunt group set up in your phone system. Velocify Dial-IQ provides a plethora of lead routing options, including customer favorite — Shotgun Connect™, to dramatically accelerate speed-to-contact and get the right leads to the right people fast.
    • Outbound Cloud DialingTake advantage of a host of integrated dialing options including preview dialing, click-to-dial, automated scheduling, and pre-recorded voicemails.
    • Inbound Call HandlingTake control of your inbound call flow and phone numbers used for marketing and sales with features like flow handling, toll-free and local number provisioning, campaign tracking, and missed call data follow up.
    • Call InsightsKnow what’s driving call volume and how reps are handling calls and using the phone. Listen to call recordings and view reports that provide insights into campaign performance, calling activity, and speed-to-contact rates.

Velocify Dial-IQ

Velocify Dial-IQ provides sales teams with a host of outbound dialing and inbound call handling features to drive improved productivity, effectiveness, and sales conversion.

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To help you ramp quickly and deploy best practices, Velocify offers unique industry-specific solutions, built with years of expertise, proven-to-convert sales processes, and integration with other industry systems.


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The Velocify cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.

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