CRM and Sales Automation Work Together

CRM and intelligent sales automation software work together to leverage performance insights and enable an optimized approach to distributing sales leads, prioritizing those leads, and systematically following up with highest value opportunities, ultimately with the goal of maximizing conversion. Our solution is more than lead management software and dialer. Velocify focuses on the selling aspect of a CRM, providing much deeper selling functionality than what a CRM offers. We classify our solution as “intelligent sales automation” (sales automation is a part of CRM) because of our singular focus on intelligent selling, mainly for the purposes of customer acquisition. Intelligence comes from the performance insights, algorithms, and unique features built-in to the system that drive a “smart,” optimized, and systematic approach to selling.

Lead Management and Dialer Software

Lead management software works for sales teams, lead development representatives, lead qualifiers, and more who work in high lead volume environments. Reps greatly benefit from using a lead management and sales dialing software, which takes a lead then qualifies, scores and distributes it to the right rep who will close the deal. An dialer allows reps to rapidly respond to leads and any inquiries captured from web forms, email campaigns, and inbound calls. The dialer is a powerful sales dialer that includes Phone-Based Lead Routing, Outbound Cloud Dialing, Inbound Call Handling, Call Reporting.


Velocify Products

Sales Performance

Velocify intelligent sales automation solutions include Velocify LeadManager, Velocify Dial-IQ and Velocify for, integration to the #1 CRM. These products accelerate sales performance through rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved sales team productivity, and provide actionable insights. Broad support for multiple industries and selling team sizes to significantly boost revenue.

Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Leap Frog the Competition with Our Industry-Specific Solutions

To help you ramp quickly and deploy best practices, Velocify offers unique industry-specific solutions, built with years of expertise, proven-to-convert sales processes, and integration with other industry systems.

Platform = Mobile + Flexible + Secure

The Velocify cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.
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Access to World-Class Service

Velocify customers access a dedicated team of experts that provide sales team onboarding; live and on-demand web-based training; email, phone, and cloud-based portal support; and strategic consulting.
Pricing & Editions

Find the Right Velocify Edition for Your Business

Velocify offers a variety of editions, designed for the unique needs of just about any size business.