Lead Management and CRM Software

Velocify provides industry-specific CRM, lead management, and dialer solutions for the insurance, mortgage, educational or other industries with sales teams. To support the growth of specialized roles, we provide a framework for incorporating industry-specific sales roles and target audience types. Whether you’re looking for insurance leads, mortgage leads, EDU leads, or other types of leads - our lead management software can work with any industry. The system offers automated guided selling paths to empower salespeople to rapidly respond to incoming leads. Velocify quickly assesses the type of lead that's responding to a campaign and then drives the appropriate selling workflow including email nurturing, phone follow-up, appointment / application reminders, and more to the salesperson. Lead management for insurance leads helps insurance reps contact their leads faster, helping close deals. Mortgage professionals looking to turn mortgage leads into new revenue should look no further. Essentially, we take the guesswork out of follow-up for sales professionals and allows them to “engage” prospects quickly and ensure reliable communication between insurance, mortgage, EDU, or any other industries. We help sales reps throughout the sales process, leading to a higher rate of closed deals. Supporting any industry, the lead management software offers virtually limitless flexibility to develop the optimal guided selling program for any sales team.


Velocify Industries

Industry-Specific Solutions

Velocify offers solutions for sales teams in just about any industry and provides exclusive configurations that leverage industry best practices and accommodate unique industry requirements. Velocify’s flexible platform and experience in integrating with industry-specific systems and data sources makes it easy to utilize the solution within your existing customer acquisition ecosystem.

Velocify Supports Sales Professionals

Ramp Sales Faster

Velocify supports sales professionals in a wide variety of industries with Velocify LeadManager and Velocify Dial-IQ products available as custom and industry-specific pre-configured solutions to ramp sales faster. Industry-specific solutions are available for the following industries:


Platform = Mobile + Flexible + Secure

The Velocify cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.
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Access to World-Class Support

Velocify customers access a dedicated team of experts that provide sales team onboarding, live and on-demand web-based training, email, phone, and cloud-based portal support, and strategic consulting.
Pricing & Editions

Find the Right Velocify Edition for Your Business

Velocify offers a variety of editions, designed for the unique needs of just about any size business.