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New Study Reveals Impact of Sales Compensation Plans

Sales leaders often have different views about how to pay salespeople, and for good reason, there really is no one way to compensate. One thing is for sure, however, sales compensation plans can be an important lever for driving desired motivations and behaviors across the sales team. In fact, according to a recent study conducted […]

Sales prioritization results in huge productivity gains

When salespeople begin their day, their success is largely determined by sales prioritization: the prospective customers they choose to contact and the activities they choose to perform. Yet, many salespeople have so much to do throughout the day that they don’t have the time for much needed upfront planning and prioritizing. To better understand the […]

Enrollment management tactics at non-profit universities are competitive but still fall short

The bleak enrollment outlook for 2015 is putting increased pressure on higher ed admissions management teams at non-profit and proprietary institutions alike. But new research shows that schools aren’t throwing in the towel when it comes to meeting enrollment goals. In fact, a number of non-profit schools are taking cues from their for-profit counterparts leveraging […]


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