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  • How Changes in Mortgage Technology Will Affect the Entire Real Estate Industry - The world of technology is constantly evolving, now faster than ever. This is resulting in great advantages for all kinds of businesses, and their customers alike. However, there are certain sectors that are slow to adopt new technologies due to a fear of change, lack of buy-in, or a variety of other reasons. The real […]
  • Best Practices of Top-Performing Sales Teams - Best-in-class sales organizations consistently exceed expectations and outperform the competition. While each organization has its own unique structure, goals, and KPIs, top-performing sales teams commonly employ a few key strategies in their quest for success. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of their best practices. Prioritize Customer Experience Top-performing sales organizations differentiate […]
  • email personalization There is Power in Email Personalization - Did you know companies that personalize marketing emails experienced a 27% higher unique click rate and an 11% higher open rate than those that do not? While a lender’s marketing brand, messaging, and disclosures should all be consistent, the person closest to the borrower should always be the one driving the conversation. After all, it […]
  • emojinal Get Emojinal…Because Your Customers Are! - In Get Emojinal! How to Connect with Buyers, social selling expert, Koka Sexton, shares tips on how to use emojis to build relationships. What has evolved into a language of its own, emojis bear an interesting resemblance to the symbols and hieroglyphics used in ancient communication. Have we come full circle? The benefits of using […]
  • superuser tips Sales Technology Best Practices: Superuser Tips for Success - New technologies are automating the sales process and making organizations more productive and efficient than ever before, and the impact on business growth is undeniable. However, selecting the perfect vendor and signing a contract is only the first step. To ensure successful implementation of a new sales technology, there’s some best practices to keep in […]


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