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  • email deliverability 5 Common Mistakes Hurting Your Email Deliverability - Simply writing an email and pressing “send” doesn’t mean your email will reach its destination. You can have succinct and enticing email copy, wonderfully branded templates, and catchy subject lines, but none of it will matter if you cannot ensure email deliverability. “Deliverability is the silent killer of email ROI,” said Jennifer Henshaw, a deliverability […]
  • lead response The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sales Lead Response [Infographic] - Once upon a time – before online web forms, mass emailing, and chat bots – sales was a relationship game, filled with rolodex files, wining and dining, and endless rounds of golf. While it doesn’t make sense to return to the wild west of selling, it might be time to get back to some of […]
  • top sales leaders Top Sales Leaders Obsess About What Matters Most - Eat That Frog!, a best-selling book from author Brian Tracy teaches us that the most successful people tackle their biggest, hardest challenges first. Turns out this mantra is true not only on a personal, task-based level, but also on a leadership level. Jill Konrath, globally recognized sales acceleration expert and bestselling author, recently interviewed five […]
  • email marketing 6 Steps to Improve ROI of your Mortgage Email Marketing - Email is a powerful sales and marketing tool. In fact, it might surprise you that email marketing, when done right, has the highest ROI for your marketing dollar. For every $1 spent, the average ROI is $38 and is far superior to paid search, social, radio, and TV, according to’s “State of Marketing Technology.” […]
  • happy selling We Drink Our Own Champagne: Cheers to Happy Selling! - I have been in technology sales for more than 16 years—six of which have been at Velocify. In my sales career, I have used Goldmine, ACT, Microsoft Access, Siebel CRM, Right Now Technologies, Netsuite and also Salesforce at three previous companies. I remember the struggles I faced daily and was not happy selling with using […]


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