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Enrollment management tactics at non-profit universities are competitive but still fall short

The bleak enrollment outlook for 2015 is putting increased pressure on higher ed admissions management teams at non-profit and proprietary institutions alike. But new research shows that schools aren’t throwing in the towel when it comes to meeting enrollment goals. In fact, a number of non-profit schools are taking cues from their for-profit counterparts leveraging […]

The Sales Organization Performance Gap
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4 characteristics of a high performing sales team

Last year, a research colleague and I took a deep look into one of the most pivotal trends occurring in the sales industry– the shift from field sales to inside sales – what we found was that nearly half of the sales organizations surveyed were making a shift to inside sales. In the midst of this […]

15 sales industry predictions for 2015 - video still

15 sales industry predictions for 2015 [VIDEO]

Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with 15 top sales industry experts to hear what they believe will be important trends and hot topics for sales leaders in the New Year. We asked them one question: “2015 for sales leaders will be the year of what?” According to the experts, sales organizations will drive […]

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Selling trends and predictions for 2015

One thing you can always count on when it comes to the future is change. To get you ahead on sales organization trends that are expected to affect change in 2015, we recently connected with top sales experts and authors to get their predictions on the big sales ideas for next year. We simply asked […]

Data proves student prospect inquiries must not be neglected
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Smarter recruiting to combat enrollment decline

Not-for-profits are facing mounting pressure from declining numbers of high school graduates, reductions in state funding for public institutions and shrinking endowments at some private institutions. Unfortunately, many schools are reacting to declining numbers by throwing money at the problem in hopes that increased marketing spend will mean better recruiting. Recent Velocify research shows that […]

Five sales tips from the little princess or pirate in your life.
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5 lessons trick-or-treaters can teach us about selling

As the year comes to a close and every day feels critical to making those end of year numbers, look no further than the little ghosts and goblins in your life for a dose of inspiration. Here are five sales tips from trick-or-treaters: 1 – Have a game plan – Savvy trick-or-treaters know the neighborhoods […]